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Over the past few years, Brad has maticulously eliminated EACH AND EVERY OUNCE from his gear. He learned from the legendary Ray Jardine many important light-weight backpacking skills required to hike long distances. He even attended a RayWay sewing class in Phoenix, AZ to make some of his own gear.

The photos below show most of his gear, of which he only carries a small portion during his hike. His pack weight is below 19 lbs total, including food, water and supplies.

  • Back row next to back of couch, left to right
    • Backpack Quilt in stow sack in large gray bag
    • Clothing in stow sack in green bag on top of quilt
    • Tarp in green stow sack on top of clothing bag
    • Hard glasses case on top of tarp
    • Platypus 4 liter bag with shower attachment
    • 3/8" Foam sleeping pad (blue)
    • Umbrella
  • Middle row, left to right
    • Cook Pot, stove and accessories in green stow bag
    • 2 ea. 1 liter Platypus bottles
    • Camera in stow bag
    • 3-mil polyethylene ground sheet (clear)
    • Large food bag (orange)
    • Small daily food bag (blue)
  • Front row, left to right
    • Medical / Hygiene ditty bag
    • Misc. ditty bag

Brad's Drop Boxes

  • Brad's son, Glen, mails each drop box to a pre-scheduled location approximately 2 weeks before Brad's arrival time.

3 Days Food

  • This is a typical display of 3 days of food for Brad. Looks delicious!